Attractive Games

Various games, activities, relays and individual tasks – where the whole team performs attractive, fun and team-building tasks. Teams perform tasks simultaneously, shoulder to shoulder. Fewer strategies, less tactics – more fun, relaxation and smile.

 1-2 hours

 1-2 instructors


Team work. Attendance of task stations according to the command’s strategy and the order of the target. Different tasks of juggling, team collaboration and communication have to be addressed. The best team is determined. Team collaboration models analyzed, effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

2-3 hours

3 instructors

Mix & Challenge

The program includes games from the Attractive Games and Strategy tasks with emphasis on team competition and winning. The groups are divided into the teams.

2-3 hours

2-4 instructors


6 to 12 persons per team
Number of persons per each team is based on the total number of persons and weether conditions in the particular day

Time schedule

15 min – getting together
10 min – oppeneing of the event and dividing into the teams
120/180 min – team building programm
***Based on each clients wishes – lunch, dinner, afterparty and so on


Clothing – weather-specific, sporty
For special clothing / equipment, we will let you know in advance, if needed

Pricing ( exl VAT )
Working Days

  • Till 15 pers. 499,00 EUR + VAT
  • Till 20 pers. 545,00 EUR + VAT
  • Till 30 pers. 695,00 EUR + VAT
  • Till 40 pers. 770,00 EUR + VAT
  • > more than 40 pers. by seperate agreement
  • Price includes:
  • • Territory and task preparation
  • • materials
  • • trainers work
  • • and everything from A to Z, which is needed for the event to succeed!

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